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October 11, 2020 @ 10:43 am

Revolutionized Digital Maternal Care and Newborn Support

The wake of this pandemic has been particularly stressful for new mothers. You must protect your infant by avoiding any hot spot regions such as cities so that you do not get infected and endanger the life of the baby you are carrying or the baby you have just given birth to. You may even opt not to frequent the hospital as much as you would like to because of the danger of infection there as well. So, if you are looking for a proper avenue where you can relay your concerns, fears, and questions and get answers from a qualified and certified medical practitioner about maternal health care and taking care of your newborn; you need not leave the comfort of your home anymore. Thanks to technology, maternal health care, and pointers on how to take care of your newborn have been brought to the comfort of your home without you having to lift a finger or make that risky a trip to a hospital to see a medical practitioner. You can finally have access to a certified licensed doctor on a virtual platform. You can ask all the questions and relay all your concerns to your doctor on this platform akin to video conferencing and he or she can give you tips in these situations so as to ease your pregnancy as well as the raising of your newborn.

These sessions are customized to suit your specific needs. The doctor will answer all your specific concerns. This can pertain to anything that has been bothering you or proven to be an uphill task and you need a little advice on. An example of things that the doctor would ordinarily address when it comes to a pregnant mother is extreme morning sickness that has prolonged it’s welcome, false labor pains and what to do when you get them, susceptibility to the escalation of underlying conditions such as high blood pressure and asthma and what to do to reduce them, extreme fatigue that you are looking to eliminate for the sake of giving birth in a few months, what to eat and what to avoid while pregnant so as to increase the health of your child rather than endanger it, what to do when your water breaks, how to check your dilation and how to prepare for the labor and giving birth process so as to prevent delaying of the child past the due date which causes great discomfort to the mother.

The doctor will also address things to do with your newborn baby that you are not particularly sure about. The first thing the doctor will definitely advise you on is what to carry to the hospital for your newborn so as to ease the process of carrying your newborn baby home. The doctor will also address things about a newborn that you are probably concerned about. For example, the doctor will talk about what diet should take to best enrich your breast milk and suit your baby nutritionally as well as newborn related problems such as colic, irregular sleeping patterns and a proper growth chart to help you keep track of progress.

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