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October 20, 2020 @ 10:33 am

Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation

The most known effects of lack of good sleep is feeling tired, mood disorders, poorly responsive to stress, performance deficit, and memory loss, however, persistent lack of sufficient sleep can lead to more serious health effects on your body which many people are unaware of these important sleep facts. Sleep problems can be grouped in three simple categories, sleep deprivation, chronic insomnia, and fatigue, sleep deprivation happens because of sleeping few hours than recommended, for a good and quality night the recommended hours are between 7-8 a day, chronic insomnia is a result of persistent sleep deprivation which exposes individual to various health problems that can lead to even death if not treated well, fatigue o the other hand is the general feeling of tiredness and lack of energy due to insomnia you can get more sleep knowledge from sleep experts. The main cause of sleep problems are stress, depression, work-related anxiety, health issues, or environmental factors most of these factors can be minimized or eliminated by behavior change, however, we continue to ignore them and eventual the body starts feeling weak, lack of energy and when they continue over a long period we start developing health conditions that we could have prevented with a simple remedy of behavioral change you can learn more here Sleep Education . However, it has been noted that people are unaware of the inherent health dangers associated with sleep deprivation particularly chronic insomnia therefore, this article has gathered relevant information that will give you insight on health risks related to it. The fact is people are not conversant with the potential health risks associated with chronic insomnia, as a result, this article has collected relevant information related to various health dangers you are exposed to for lack of good sufficient and quality sleep over a significant period.

There is a relationship between increased risk of heart attack and stroke with insomnia, this is because the body repairs heart muscles as well as blood vessels when it is in total rest, additionally when the body is resting processes that control blood sugar, blood pressure and inflammations are efficiently adjusted or regulated by some hormones that are induced only when the body is in total rest.

Inadequate sleep for a consistent period weakens your immune system making you prone to common diseases such as flu and cold, this is because the body needs a good rest to generate white blood cells that are needed to protect your body from disease-causing anti-bodies and if you have inadequate white blood cells the prone you are to these disease-causing pathogens and you are likely to take longer to recover compared to a person who sleeps well.

There is a relationship between sleep and obesity, scientists believe people who sleep less than six hours a day are likely to have high body mass index (BMI), this is because lack of enough sleep reduces the levels of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full and instead increase the level of ghrelin hormones which are hunger-stimulating chemicals. Above are a few risks associated with a lack of enough sleep.